Frequenly Asked Questions

+ How do I get started?

We're excited to have you join our music community. Book a free tour or your first lesson. We will find a time that works for you and choose the best teacher to help you embark on your musical journey.

+ What instruments do you teach?

We offer lessons in Piano, Guitar (acoustic and electric), Bass, Voice, Banjo, Ukulele, Violin, Cello, Saxophone, Clarinet and Drums. Intermediate students can inquire about Songwriting, Compostion and Recording classes.

+ Where are you located?

702 Ossington Avenue
Just south of Bloor & Ossington Subway Station.

+ How much are classes?

Half Hour Lessons are $30
One Hour Lessons are $50.

Semester and Family discounts are available.

+ What is your attendence policy?

Our attendance policy safeguards your time and your instructor’s time. Weekly lessons are important for you progress and enjoyment of music. A lesson time is reserved for you and you are expected to attend weekly. We can offer a makeup class at the end of the term if you give 24 hours notice of a cancellation. One makeup class per term.

+ When do the terms begin and end?

Fall Term September 10th – December 14th
Winter Term January 7th – March 29th
Spring Term April 1st – June 28th

+ Can I enroll in lessons mid term?

Yes! Anytime is a good time to start, but our schedule fills up quickly. If you enrol within the first three weeks of the term you still qualify for a term discount. Afterwards, we will charge our regular rate on a monthly basis.

+ When is the end of year Student Concert?

The Student Concert is scheduled for June 23rd. It is a wonderful way to experience music and participate with other students. We are looking to have the concert again at The Drake Hotel.

+ What are the school hours?

Monday to Friday = 3pm - 9pm
At this time we do not offer weekend classes.